Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Those who follow the blog at all regularly (that's three of you by my count) may have been baffled of late. What on earth is maths teacher up to you, you may well have asked? And why isn't he going to the movies?

Hey, stuff happens. And sadly yes, it's been over a month since I darkened the doorstep of a cinema (watching movies on telly never counts, as I'm sure you all agree). No particular reason why, other than general busyness, and never quite getting round to it.

So, anyway: Moon, as directed by the artist formerly known as Zowie Bowie. A throw-back to 70's sci-fi, complete with model shots (reminiscent of Space: 1999), a cast list of five, and made for about £2.5 million - or, in movie terms, peanuts.

I really don't want to discuss the plot here, as it would be a shame to give anything away, but overall it's quite a dark film, slow and foreboding. I won't say that not much happens, because that's far from true, but what happens takes its time, and you are left to join a lot of the dots yourself. All in all, I found the movie enjoyable, though I wouldn't rave. It's great to see this kind of film being made though. And no, not even a hint of Space Oddity on the soundtrack...

How's the maths?
I had pretty high hopes here - surely there's bound to be talk of trajectories, or orbits, or lunar distances and such. But not really much to write about here. All the maths is done by the base computer, I suppose, as ably voiced by Kevin Spacey, leaving lone worker Sam Rockwell to do all the manual stuff. I doubt he even has his maths Higher, to be honest, as he seems to have difficulty coping with numbers bigger than one. But there I go, giving the plot away...